MIT Bitcoin Expo


Get EXCITED, the second annual MIT Bitcoin expo is coming this March 7-8th! We’ve got an amazing speaking lineup, which you can find here. There are way too many fields of research going on in the bitcoin community for one day, so this year you’ll get two. And best of all, it’s still free for students from any university! There’s also a limited number of tickets for sale for professionals, but those are sure to go fast.

Get your tickets now at!

DevCore Boston

DevCore Boston

Within the world of monetary theory and finance, bitcoin is becoming as influential a platform for innovation as the Internet itself was.
DevCore Boston launches a series of roundtables sponsored by Bitcoin Foundation for developers interested in deepening their technical expertise to support the future development of Bitcoin Core.

When: February 11, 2015; 8:30 am – 4:00

Where: District Hall, 75 Northern Avenue, Boston MA