Armory-MIT Bitcoin Expo Contest


Dear People who like money and/or bitoin and/or contests. In honor of the MIT-Bitcoin Expo, Armory is sponsoring a challenge to you. Submit a project that fits their requirements and win 2 BTC. Even if you didn’t attend the expo (hop on our youtube channel and checkout the recorded livestream) you can still participate. Competition ends May 1st. Good luck…you’ll need it.

BTC Proof of Payment App Contest

MIT Bitcoin Expo LiveStream

The raw feed from our livestreams is up on youtube, check it out at your leisure. Where else can you learn about crypto, watch MIT students figure out a Mac, and even question the necessity of tamperproof assholes….Also THANK YOU Conference Goer who we only know as Bryan for the transcripts

Eventually we will embed copies of slides into these videos and publish them.

MIT Bitcoin Expo: Day 1

First day of the expo was excellent. We had about 300 people in house and another 200 on livestream. There was some amazing chat on the stream too, I learned some new things about the cryptospace. Eventually we will process this data and add in slides from speakers, but the raw feed is up on youtube, ENJOY!