Click HERE for slides from Jeremy’s talk

Wednesday, September 28
Room 4-270

LBRY is a decentralized digital marketplace that uses blockchain technology to fix two of the biggest flaws of BitTorrent: discovery and monetization. Via an entirely peer-to-peer network, LBRY maps URLs like lbry://itsadisaster to the Hollywood film starring David Cross and Julia Stiles (film company Oscilloscope Laboratories is one of their early partners).

Come meet the CEO, Jeremy Kauffman, for an introduction to the LBRY protocol. LBRY is offering paid internships both this semester and next. LBRY is entirely open source. You can explore the source here or read more here.

LBRY will also be offering beta invite codes and credits to anyone who attends (though if you’re even moderately clever there’s no need to wait for a code to start using it 😉