SLACK: Summer of Bitcoin –

This summer, we’re teaming up with StartLabs to provide an awesome environment where you can work on projects, learn new skills, and share your ideas with other talented students. Each week, we’ll bring in top Bitcoin devs to give 20 minute demos on how to build stuff with the latest in cryptocurrency technology. At the same time, feel free to grab some free dinner and interact with awesome people!


When: 7pm-11pm, Thursday nights
Where: MIT Media Lab, 5th Floor


For the first event on June 12th, Ryan Smith and Adam Ludwin from – an API for developing bitcoin apps – will present an overview of the blockchain and how their platform is architected to power bitcoin wallets, exchanges, ATMs, and mobile apps.

Ryan was one of Heroku’s first engineers and built significant parts of that platform over four years. He now leads Chain’s technology efforts. Adam is one of Chain’s founders and is also an investor in several internet companies including Vine, Paperless Post and Kik Messenger.

Update: Video of the API presentation