SLACK: Summer of Bitcoin – Circle

When: Thursday, July 17th, 7-10PM
Where: MIT Media Lab, 5th floor

Randomness is at the heart of cryptography. Without it, there would be no HTTPS, no ssh, no IPSec, no PGP and no Bitcoin! But can anything a machine creates be considered truly random? How is randomness generated? Can something be provably random? This Thursday, Anders Brownworth will lead us in examining some randomness software and hardware approaches, test their entropy, and possibly come up with a better solution to randomness.


Anders is a lead engineer at Circle where he heads up technical treasury and trade operations. He has been heavily involved in virtual currency technology and the Bitcoin community where he runs the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup.


Anders’s demo will begin at 7pm. Check out this link for some background reading on random number generation.


Bringing you the best from around town. Free dinner provided!
—The StartLabs Team and MIT Bitcoin Club