SLACK: Summer of Bitcoin – World Bitcoin Network

When: Thursday, July 24th, 7-10PM
Where: MIT Media Lab, 5th floor


This week, James D’Angelo will be introducing the basics of Bitcoin mining. We’ll be looking at everything from the block header, to merkle roots to programming a simple, low difficulty mining algorithm. We’ll even create our own mining algorithm with a real block reward – the first one to provide the correct nonce will receive a paper wallet prize with some real bitcoin bits.James D’Angelo is the founder and host of World Bitcoin Network, an educational channel focusing on all things Bitcoin. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and worked as a design engineer for NASA in the 1990s developing electronics for the highly successful WIND spacecraft. Since then he has worked as an environmentalist in over a dozen countries around the world, particularly Gabon and Kenya, and is fluent in five languages and mumbles in a few more. He has recently announced Sno-Caps, a Bitcoin based solution to Global Climate Change, and is an entrant in the current MIT Climate CoLab contest.

Bringing you the best from around town. Free dinner provided!
—The StartLabs Team and MIT Bitcoin Club