Our Mission Statement

The MIT Bitcoin Club was one of the first blockchain clubs in the world, founded to to educate members on the foundation and latest innovations in blockchain technology. Today, we are an active community built around our shared interest in trust-minimizing distributed systems, the technology they're built on, their socioeconomic effects, and their practical applications. We focus primarily on making blockchain technology as accessible as possible, removing common misconceptions, and giving a practical hands-on experience to our members. We provide our members with the resources and opportunities to lead a successful career while also granting access to a wide network of sponsors and affiliates from the MIT Bitcoin Club community.

What We Do

We are a student organization at MIT focused on creating meaningful conversations and collaborations around trust-minimizing distributed systems. In our weekly reading and discussion group, we cover everything from the Inter-Planetary File System to the latest advances on zero-knowledge proofs to Ethereum's new scalability solutions. We also host a few big events every year as part of the broader blockchain community.

MIT Bitcoin Expo

The MIT Bitcoin Expo is one of the largest and most revered academic blockchain conferences in the world. In the past, the MIT Bitcoin Expo has been co-organized with HackMIT, MIT Society of Women Engineers, MIT Bitcoin Club, and the Blockchain Education Network.

MIT Bitcoin Hackathon

Held in the spring semester, the MIT Bitcoin Hackathon. Hackathon projects have gone on to receive funding and support from various blockchain companies.

Henoch Argaw Memorial Fund

A memorial fund established in 2018 in memory of MIT student, Henoch Argaw. The first prize was given at the 2018 MIT Bitcoin Expo.

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