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You can use this guide to pick up on a thing or two about blockchain and its various uses.

Step 1

Intro to Bitcoin

This is Bitcoin's official introduction to their platform. This will help you get situated with what Bitcoin is all about. content_copy Read the PDF
Step 2

Check the Bitcoin Club Resources

The Bitcoin Club has a range of videos and articles for you to go through. These range from previously recorded talks about hardware wallets to summaries about interoperabiltiy. content_copy View the Resources
Step 3

MIT Digital Currency Initiative Articles

Read through some of MIT's own cryptocurrency research and academic papers. This will give you more technical undestanding of experimental ideas in the blockchain space. content_copy Check the Archive
Step 4

Take Some Classes

MIT has a range of classes for those interested in blockchain. These include Cryptocurrency Engineering & Design, Shared Public Ledgers: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Other Marvels, and Entrepreneurs without Borders. Make sure to check them out. account_circle Go to Touchstone@MIT


You now know a thing or two about blockchain!

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